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Inspiration for a Soap Making Company


Why Start a Soap Making Company?

We want to help people live healthier lives. We know that the skin is one of the primary entry points for most toxins you come in contact with. We know that the skin is often neglected and ignored. We want to change this.

But who are “we”?

“We” are one single guy in TN and a small family in MI who want to provide you with soap that nourishes your skin, made by hand with high quality ingredients that you will enjoy.  We also hope the name gives you a chuckle!  We met in an online community of people interested in and dedicated to freedom, personal responsibility and intelligent lifestyle design toward these ends called The Survival Podcast (TSP) community.  We were discussing soap-making via an app called Zello and I (the single guy) came up with the name Fat Ash Soap since TJ told me that soap was originally made from fat and lye water filtered from hardwood ash.  TJ grew up on the same farm she now lives on, and has had a passion for old fashioned and antique products. Being the serial entrepreneur that she is, she saw the potential – and she loved the tongue in cheek name.  She talked with her husband and they both agreed.  Old fashioned all natural Fat Ash Soap would exist! Luckily, through the TSP community, I and TJ also knew of a highly dedicated web designer who we knew would love be involved.

TJ then became mildly obsessed with learning everything about old-fashioned soap-making (recipes, ingredients, techniques, etc) she could while Brian worked on the logistics. After many trials and errors and about 18 months of serious trial and error, she got the process figured out and production began.  Several dozen sample bars were sent out, feedback obtained and voila!  Fat Ash Soap now has a wonderful product to bring to you that is free of all of the problematic ingredients found in most commercial soaps such as dyes, sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens and triclosan. These are just three of the several ingredients found in most soaps.  Even the lavender used in our soaps in 100% pure essential oil.  TJ and her family take this seriously and are proud to offer this high quality old fashioned style soap to you.

Many thanks to all who tested the soap, gave encouragement and ideas and supported this endeavor.  Thank you, Josh, for the great website and your dedication to excellence!

~Bryan Caldwell

About the Author: Bryan is a budding permaculturalist who lives in Tennessee.  He enjoys researching healthy living and organic farming.

 From Chore To Home Based Business