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Handmade Soap from Rural Michigan

Handmade soap from ancient times was made with lye filtered from hardwood ash which was then combined with all types of animal fats. It was suitable but without the lather we enjoy today.  Our family’s signature lye soap (Fat Ash Soap)  is still made the old fashioned way. We hand render lard and tallow from humanely raised livestock from local farms. However, we use modern lye and coconut oil for a luxurious lather.

Another of our natural soaps is specially formulated with no animal fats. The ‘Big Fat Lye’ bars are 100% vegan with coconut, avocado, grape seed, pumpkin seed and apricot kernel oils. For those who enjoy a scent we chose time-tested pure lavender essential oil. Enjoy the calming properties of this amazing oil that was very popular during the Victorian era and continues today. The newly added Fat Face premium exfoliating bar combines the best of both worlds and adds the perfect balance of scrubbing and stimulating. Our soap bars are big, REALLY BIG! A true old-fashioned value. You’ll be hard pressed to find another bar of soap as big as ours. We encourage you to cut one of our bars into 2 or 3 of today’s average-sized bars and share with friends & family.

Share our passion for old-fashioned! Try our handmade soap today.

All Natural Handmade Soap


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Did you know? According to Wikipedia, “Lye” is commonly the alternative name of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) or historically potassium hydroxide (KOH).

While our ancestors did indeed make their own lye from hardwood ashes, this process can be dangerous and produce inconsistent results. This is why most modern soap makers like us use pre-made sodium hydroxide lye. And that’s no lie!