Why the name? Handmade soap from ancient times was made with lye filtered from hardwood ash which was then combined with all types of animal fats. An effective soap but without the lather we expect today.
Our family's signature soap 'Fat Ash' is still made the old fashioned way with humanely raised, hand rendered lard and tallow from local farms, but with modern lye and coconut oil for the luxurious lather we all enjoy. We use only pure essential oils for our scented soaps. There are no dyes, no synthetics, no SLS. Our soaps are Simple. Natural. Pure.

See how our soap stacks up?! Fat Ash bars are 2-3 times the size of a typical bar.

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  • 'Big Butt' vegan soaps are made with the finest nut oils. Our recipe includes coconut, avocado, grape seed, pumpkin seed and apricot kernel oils.

  • 'Fat Face' soap is a premium exfoliating bar formulated with fine oatmeal for pore cleansing and coffee grounds for stimulation.

  • 'Lard Ash' soap is a wonderfully lush, emollient lard based soap superfatted with real bacon grease and tiny bits for gentle exfoliation.

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